Monday, February 17, 2014

Timeline of Mathematics

Below is a link to my prezi I created on the history of mathematics.  It provides a timeline and brief explanation of the topics we have covered so far in my MTH 495 class.

What fascinated me most about creating this timeline is there is a huge gap in time were mathematics wasn't making any strides.  I'm not a historian, but there has to be some reason for the 600 year gap.   Also what is interesting to me is how fast mathematics has moved since 600 AD.  It makes me excited to see the new things coming in the mathematics world!

History of Mathematics

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  1. Great project. Good structure, too, and nice use of Prezi. clear, coherent, complete and content: check. Consolidated - love to see a note here on your blog reflecting on what you see in it, or what you learned from making. Or what you'd like to add!